About Me

Daniel R. Kumor

I am a PhD student in Computer Science at Purdue University, working on Causality and Machine Learning with Prof. Bareinboim.

Summers of 2015-16 I worked on ConnectorDB, an open-source platform for Quantified Self and data analysis.

Summer of 2014 I worked at Dan Gauthier’s Lab at Duke University, comparing reservoir computers to deep learning in several recognition problems.

From 2011 to summer 2014 I worked with the Kwiat Quantum Information Group at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, with a focus on information reconciliation for quantum cryptography.

In 2011, Spencer Gore and I co-founded Space For All, which taught high-school and college-aged volunteers high altitude ballooning by flying scientific and advertising HAB payloads.

Email: dkumor@dkumor.com

Public Keys: 4834027D (old) and 204C7570