My most interesting personal programming projects


Freshman year of college (2010), I came to the conclusion that there wasn’t a good way to store the knowledge that a machine learning algorithm gains. When experimenting with AI, I frequently stored my “learned” networks as XML - I found that to be really slow, and suboptimal. Ideally, an AI program would be learning continuously, and updating its state to non-volatile media automatically, so that if (when!) the computer crashes, nothing would be lost. At... »


My first true web-app. Made in 2011, as an “improved forum”, it is basically a chat application. During that time, I frequently found myself explaining math and CS concepts to people over chat and email. I found these woefully inadequate to get my point across, since I did not have the ability to typeset mathematics or show any more advanced concepts. I therefore started this project with the goal of creating a simple “Science room”, where math... »


Near the end of high school (2009-ish), I realized that I really wanted my robot butler. At that point, I thought that I was a programming superstar, because I had no problems writing a LOLCode interpreter in VB. In any case, I decided that AI couldn’t be much harder than that. So I decided to make a “recurrent neural network” in C++. Having always just messed around with code until stuff worked, I took the same approach... »


My introduction to C++. I wanted to make 3D games. I also wanted to use Python. Thus, DXPy was born. It was a high-level wrapper for DirectX, and allowed simple python manipulation of scenes. The most memorable part of this program was a bug… At one point, I noticed that for some reason I was getting artefacts in the drawing stage. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong! Even the internet seemed mute on the errors... »


Some time in 2008, LOLcode became popular. At that time, I only knew VB.NET. Of course, I decided that what I needed was an interpreter. And so LOLEXE was born. I learned a lot in the making of this program. Most importantly, I self-discovered recursion! I remember how amazing it was when I realized that I could just call the “interpreter” function with my variables for running if statements. It automatically gave the correct variable isolation!... »

HTML Editor

My first real program. I worked on it throughout my freshman year of high school, discovering programming as I went along. Done in VB.NET, it was a basic HTML editor which showed updates to an HTML file as a person typed. A simple web-view which refreshed each time a key was pressed. The most impressive thing about the editor was that I didn’t know how to do syntax highlighting, but I noticed that when something was... »