July 02, 2011

My first web-app. Made in 2011, as an “improved forum”, it is basically a chat application.

During that time, I frequently found myself discussing math and CS concepts to people over chat and email. I found these inadequate to get my point across, since I did not have the ability to typeset mathematics or show code.

I therefore started this project with the goal of creating a simple “Science room”, where math could be typeset and code would be color-coded for the members of a chat.

The basic functionality was finished, but I never got around to ironing out bugs. There are also half-finished features such as drag and drop functionality and file upload.

When typing in computer code, one should enclose it in [c] and [/c] tags. Typesetting mathematics is done with LaTex enclosed in [m] and [/m] tags.

For this project I made use of several javascript libraries, including jsMath, prettify and jQuery.

The full code along with python server are available here (7zip file).