New Website

Thanks to Rebecca from Kwiat Group, I discovered Jekyll, which allows for quick generation of static websites.

I don’t want to use Drupal, or any PHP-heavy tools for my website, since my VPS has 128MB of RAM. Jekyll is a step up from manually editing HTML files, while still giving me full control of a lightweight static website.

One of the cool things is that it allows writing content in markdown, which automatically does syntax highlighting with pygments and math with MathJax.

import antigravity
print "Hello World!"

Pretty cool, if you ask me.

TDC Open Sourced!

We have open-sourced the code used for time tagger control. I am super proud of it! Check it out here: Kwiat Group Github

Electric Bike Trip

What better way to finish college than by biking from Illinois to California? I don’t know - and that’s why Spencer Gore and I are doing it!

Update: The trip was fun, but we ended up in Kansas City instead of California.

Android Development

I have begun learning Android development. My first goal is to create a program which can recreate my schedule from GPS coordinates and accelerometer data. I want to be able to know exactly how many times I got out of my desk, how many times I picked up my phone to talk to friends, and so on.

This program will eat my battery alive (accelerometer needs wakelock), but I think that knowing what I actually spend my time on is worth carrying a charger around for a week or two.

TDC Documentation Finished

Part of my work for Kwiat group involves interfacing with time-to-digital converters (TDCs). This is especially important, since my main job is to develop Information Reconciliation codes for use in our higher-dimensional quantum cryptography project. These codes require a very fast way to interface with multiple TDCs.

To that end, I created a C library which enables a standardized method of access to time stamp data. I am proud to say that library is currently used on several research projects within Kwiat group, and is interfaced with 3 different models of time tagger.

So the news-worthy update right now is that I have finished a rough draft of the documentation for this library, which can hopefully be understandable to students without much programming knowledge. You can see it here!

I will put a link to the code once it shows up on the Kwiat group’s website.