TDC Documentation Finished

January 16, 2014

Part of my work for Kwiat group involves interfacing with time-to-digital converters (TDCs). This is especially important, since my main job is to develop Information Reconciliation codes for use in our higher-dimensional quantum cryptography project. These codes require a very fast way to interface with multiple TDCs.

To that end, I created a C library which enables a standardized method of access to time stamp data. I am proud to say that library is currently used on several research projects within Kwiat group, and is interfaced with 3 different models of time tagger.

So the news-worthy update right now is that I have finished a rough draft of the documentation for this library, which can hopefully be understandable to students without much programming knowledge. You can see it here!

I will put a link to the code once it shows up on the Kwiat group’s website.